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The 15th Edition of
The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines 

From the Graphic Artists Guild comes the newest edition of the comprehensive reference guide for graphic artists—helping them navigate the world of pricing, collecting payment for, and protecting their creative work, as well as growing their freelance business to create a sustainable and rewarding livelihood. 

Image of the cover of the 15th edition of the Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Handbook

Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines has been an indispensable resource for people who create graphic art and for those who buy it for 45 years. As the graphic art marketplace continues to evolve to meet the needs of both digital and print media and as artists and clients alike struggle to keep up with rapidly changing technology, the demand for up-to-date information on business, ethical, and legal issues is greater than ever. Find it all here in the fully updated 15th Edition—timely new insights and expert guidance: 

· The latest pricing guidelines for buyers and sellers. 

· Current salary information with job descriptions. 

· Formulas for determining hourly and per diem freelance rates. 

· Hourly freelance rates by discipline. 

· Copyright registration information. 

· Model contracts and forms that can be adapted for specific needs. 

· Totally revised chapter on Surface Pattern Design. 

· An expanded chapter of additional professional, business, and legal resources with the latest contact information.

Members receive the printed edition of the Handbook as a benefit of membership and are also invited to attend our members-only webinars on applying the Handbook to your business. The webinar is scheduled periodically so that Guild staff can acquaint you with the wealth of information contained within the Handbook and field your questions.

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