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Brandon Vos

Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography

Nurturing Births Logo

Nurturing Births Logo

This is a logo that was created for a midwifery in the Dallas, TX area.

Daydreaming Business Woman

Daydreaming Business Woman

This was an illustration for a story about people who think of this real estate company.

Real Estate News Site

Real Estate News Site

This website and it’s graphics and structure were designed by Brandon Vos.

Contact Information


Office: 8325679967


About the Artist

Brandon Vos was adopted in 1979 by the two most wonderful parents he could hope for. They raised him and his younger sister in Katy, TX. He graduated from Katy High School in 1997 and attended Texas Tech University where he studied Art.

Brandon Vos is now an accomplished artist, designer, photographer, web developer and all-around marketing guru. See his resumé at studiovos.com.

When he was at Texas Tech University, he studied Art, majoring in Design Communication. Back then, it was a 5 year program that included an emphasis in illustration. Brandon took so many Art Photography classes, that he was almost a double-major! Instead, he took the Minor and graduated.

After a year of working at a church and attending Seminary, Brandon decided to focus on his skills as a Katy Artist. He doesn’t just do Art though, he also works a lot in Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography.

After graduating in 2002, he moved to Dallas and worked at a church while he attended Perkin’s Theological Seminary at SMU. After a short while, he decided to convert to Catholicism and move back to Katy, TX.

In 2007, Brandon Vos married Katherine Nichols and now they live in Richmond, TX with their two children, Andrea and Benjamin. Katie is a Nurse and Brandon gets to spend most of his time at home, working on Graphic Design and Art. When he’s not doing this, he’s out doing photography- sometimes for work, sometimes for fun.

Brandon loves to tell people how lucky he is- that his work is also his favorite hobby.

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