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Jeff Hobrath

Art Director, Graphic Design, Illustration

MNM Cement Truck

MNM Cement Truck

Cartoon/Logo for the MNM Cement Company in Cleveland, OH. You can see a video of how I made the image here: http://www.jeffhobrath.com/videos/

Red Star Crush Logo

Red Star Crush Logo

Logo I created for the band “Red Star Crush” featuring the original drummer from Molly Hatchet. You can see more of my work at http://jeffhobrath.com

US Navy Tshirt

US Navy Tshirt

A United States Navy tribute, capturing the spirit of the fleet through a complex variety of subtle design elements: At the very top a “Cathead” which adorns the the anchor support beams on old sailing ships (like on the USS Constitution), wreaths signify the various roles of the fleet, at the very bottom representing Blue Water Navy up to Green Water Navy up to Brown Water Navy and the two top wreaths representing shore based units (tan) and aviation commands (blue). A circle of 50 stars (for each state) surround two Skulls, a Chief in Khaki cover and a First Class PO in an NWU Type I cover both backing the “ACE” (Anchor, USS Constitution, Eagle) and crossed cutlass/rifle, representing our proud Naval heritage and modern war-fighting missions. Below the crossed cutlass/rifle are three insignias representing Chiefs, Officers and Sailors, backed by an old nautical style map and the Navy’s birth year “1775”. Above are ghost images of the an old Navy ship and a modern Navy ship w/aircraft, backed by the constellation “Southern Cross” a popular celestial navigation icon of old, also representing the Navy’s role in space. Behind all these key elements is a compass, with the letters N-A-V-Y replacing the standard N-E-S-W. Above the compass is the words “United States Navy” adorned by two commissioning pennants, honoring the Navy’s past and future commands. The left shoulder features the “Navy Jack” (Don’t Tread on Me flag). Front left chest features the cross cutlass and rifle, with a U.S.N. banner. You can see more of my T-shirt designs at http://jeffhobrath.com

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About the Artist

Senior Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Retired Navy Chief.

30+ years experience as a leader and senior graphic artist in both government and commercial environments. I thrive on all things creative to include graphic design, branding, web design, presentations, marketing and consulting in a variety of genres and mediums.

Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and all major graphic design programs on both Mac and PC platforms. Founder of NavyChief.com, one of the most popular military related websites in the world.

Initiated and proud Navy Chief (Ret) and Service Disabled Veteran. Recognitions include U.S. Navy Historical Foundation Volunteer of the Year, Naval Air Station Willow Grove Sailor of the Year, Aircraft Maintenance Person of the Year and many more honors for artistic works, community service and military service.

Active Security Clearance: Secret
Military Status: Chief, USN Retired, Service-Disabled Veteran

I invite you to review my portfolio at http://www.jeffhobrath.com

“Good design is not mastering Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, that part is expected. Good design comes from perfecting your creative technique, tweaking your sketches, understanding layout, movement, typography, color and balance. It’s for ever learning to be a better artist. To compete in this digital age you must master the tools of the trade, but that should include both the stylus and the pencil.” - Jeff Hobrath

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